Growing up around photography Jesse Lirola never thought he’d head in the direction which brought his parents together. Studying writing in school and seeing concerts whenever he could it seemed those two would coincide as a professional path. 

After graduating college as a double English Literature and Creative Writing major Jesse didn’t like the thought of critiquing bands in order to make a name for himself. Photography was always an interest, and the image soon replaced words to tell the story, and be a part of anything he was interested in.

As primarily a photographer shooting people Jesse knows how important trust is. Whether its the first session with a new client or one whose turned into a friend over the years you can see in the photo they’re with someone they’re comfortable with. It’s that trust which helps Jesse capture moments which not everyone can capture, and those are the photos which matter most.

Client List:

Rolling Stone, Spin, The Fader, XXL, Purple Magazine, Aon, FOX, FSN, MTV, Rockstar Games, Rhapsody, BFA, Getty Images, The Associated Press, Pratt Institute, Stephanie Izard, CH Distillery, The Bedford, Perez Hilton, TMZ, Patron, Glenfiddich, Grey Goose, Vitamin Water, Giro, Made, Relevent, Cornerstone Agency, Us Weekly, People Magazine, Jake Bugg, Dawes, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, The Joy Formidable, The Artist Organization, Universal Music, Instagram, Facebook....

Jesse Lirola shoots mostly in black and white and at music festivals. His work specializes in being sharp, candid, and dramatic. Off-stage, he expertly captures intimate moments between bands and artists. It’s no surprise that his portfolio also contains a ton of stunning portraits of musicians when they’re not performing, too.
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